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Stillwater Furniture E-commerce – Where we spend time with time

Stillwater Furniture E-commerce – Where we spend time with time

Stillwater Furniture E-commerce – Where we spend time with time

With so many brands working on providing mindfulness through their products or services, it has become all the rage these days. Have you ever thought about using mindfulness and furniture in the same sentence? Well, we didn’t, that is until we were approached by Stillwater Furniture – the leading furniture brand based in Mumbai. The furniture brand wanted to create a website that depicted the true essence of their brand while at the same time, leaning closely towards all the basics of a good ecommerce platform. Working closely with the Stillwater Furniture team, the Refresh Ideas team was able to build a stunning website with all the essentials of a great marketing medium while also creating a state-of-the-art ecommerce platform that took their business to the next level.

Stillwater Furniture

Stillwater Furniture promotes mindfulness through their exquisite furniture collection. The company is a family owned business with high standards of quality and craftsmanship running through generations. Their furniture is based on the phenomenon of peace and mindfulness. They believe in providing their clients with furniture that allows them to live in the moment and cherish it while pausing and experiencing everything around them. The Refresh Ideas team was very excited when approached by the furniture company as we always considered it an inspiration because of the brilliant minds behind the brand. We were asked to create a complete customized ecommerce platform using our skills and expertise in the field. We took the project and provided them a world-class ecommerce platform that is currently deployed on their website.

RefreshIdeas - StillWater Furniture Website Screen

The Experience

Working with Stillwater Furniture was nothing short of a lifetime experience. Each dialog with them resulted in an enriched experience that made us even more determined to provide our best work. It is very important to understand the needs of the client before embarking on the journey of creating a customized product for a client. We understood the needs of our clients and went back and forth with the Stillwater Furniture team until they were satisfied with the deliverables. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of Refresh Ideas team and the support of the Stillwater Furniture team, we were able to create a modern and fully functional ecommerce platform for them that is currently live on their website. Working with Stillwater Furniture was a great experience and we are happy that they are also satisfied with our deliverables.

RefreshIdeas - StillWater Furniture WebsiteResponsive Screen

Here is what Reshad Rustomji, the Co-Founder of Stillwater Furniture had to say about the whole experience,


“Our association with Refresh Ideas was because of the recommendation of Suman and Saad of Marketing Unplugged. Whereas initially we were apprehensive about the geographical challenges of Stillwater and our operations being solely out of Mumbai and Refresh Ideas based in Delhi, we have navigated through that challenge very successfully. Assisted with the tools of modern technology but driven thanks to the systems and due diligence that your Company provides to the work at hand. Not for a moment did we at Stillwater feel the distance of cities in all our interactions or the inadequacy of not meeting person to person. The work that you did for us, both the backend of technological support and the design and marketing inputs were excellent, and we have been fortunate to have had such a support team as yours. We hope to grow our success with a continued association with Refresh Ideas. My father was very economical with his adjectives of praise, and for a great job would only say ' keep up the good work'. My sentiments for all that has been done so far!”

The team at Refresh Ideas has been helping businesses revamp their brand identity and online presence through effective and target-oriented websites. We also have a dedicated team of creating e-commerce platforms.

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