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After capturing over 49% of the online marketplace, and counting, it’s no secret that Amazon is the dominant eCommerce platform of the decade. The sheer scale of sales taking place on Amazon is virtually unparalleled, making your presence on the platform mandatory or risk losing out. And to make it big on Amazon, you’ll have to make critical optimizations to your website to product descriptions right.

This is where Refresh Ideas comes in. We provide data-driven, customized solutions to give you a competitive edge. To give you that edge, you need to stand out and make sales, and our team creates custom strategies from the ground up to maximize results for your budget.

Amazon Product Listing Optimization

It’s a no-brainer that standing out in this cut-throat eCommerce marketplace, you need the right Amazon Product listing strategy.

While advertising will give your products a short term boost in sales and a good head-start, the only way to continue to stay profitable is by adjusting your website through Amazon SEO Services for Online Product Listing Optimization. At a certain point, too much advertisement will simply bleed money while barely breaking even.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Refresh Ideas’ Amazon Product Listing Optimization works by designing product listings that not only appeal to Amazon’s algorithms but also its shoppers.

This is what you achieve with our Amazon SEO Services:

  • Optimize product descriptions and choose high-quality, professional images that are displayed well.

  • Place each product in its right category to reach the right audience.

  • Use highly selective keywords that are chosen to work within that category and drive the most organic results.

  • Gain the user’s attention by taking advantage of Amazon’s 200 character limit when writing a title.

Focus on Organic Ranking

The careful use of keyword placement long-tail keywords is proven to drive results – but you need the right tools for the job. Our Amazon SEO team works through a systematic strategy that ensures that your Amazon product listing ranks high whenever someone searches for it on Amazon and Google.

Our all-in-one solution to Amazon includes:

  • Custom strategies

  • Transparent pricing

  • Continuous optimizations

  • ROI-focused results

  • Regular reports

  • And more

Focus on Organic Ranking

Amazon Pricing Strategy and Testing

As you probably know, each product on Amazon can have thousands of sellers. But very few sellers will be able to capture that coveted Buy Box button; indeed, many sellers will keep waiting forever for buyers to convert. Their optimization plan simply wasn’t up to the task. Sometimes undercutting the competition isn’t such a good idea, nor is price gouging – it’s usually not as simple.

At Refresh Ideas, we analyze many variables to find the best price for your product. We perform a thorough Amazon audit and examine your product costs to determine your chances of making a profit based on the current pricing strategy. We’ll make sure you never waste more money on a campaign that could end up as a dud.

We work closely with clients to prepare an optimized pricing strategy that includes:

  • Buy One Get One promos

  • Percentage-off coupon promotions

  • Other campaigns that are designed based on each client’s unique needs

Other E-commerce Listing Optimization Services – Flipkart, eBay, and Beyond

Our experience with eCommerce marketplaces extends to Flipkart, eBay, and other major platforms where we provide SEO for Amazon Product Listing Optimization Services, including the use of keyword optimization strategies to attract the right kind of audience. Other services that we provide include advertising, paid promotion on social media posts, and competitive pricing.

By working with the Refresh Ideas team, you should be able to boost your bottom and gain the best possible returns on your investments.

Flipkart, eBay, and Beyond

Get high-quality leads and be found by high-quality leads that are actively looking for you. Hire our Amazon SEO consultants today or set up a schedule to see how we can help.

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