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Proven SEO & Internet Marketing System for Ecommerce & Regular Website

Refresh Ideas is a leading digital marketing agency offering premium digital and internet marketing services to the Ecommerce sector in India.

We understand the technicalities involved in each process and help our clients improve their bottom line through our services. We follow a digital marketing plan that helps us understand the specific needs of our clients and then we work our way through the various digital and internet marketing challenges to provide our clients with the best results.

Your Existing Website

We Understand

Your Existing website

The first step in our specialized marketing program for Ecommerce & Regular Website is understanding their current website and taking control over it. Internet and digital marketing are just making their ground in the Ecommerce sector of India, so you may have been going without your business website until now. Or, you may have invested a lot of money and effort in creating a well-rounded website but are just not getting the results you expected. In either case, we understand and take over from where you started.

Leads and track

We Capture

Leads and track them

Once we understand your website thoroughly, we start tracking, measuring, and monitoring your leads monthly. We make use of relevant programs that help us track all the contacts you were able to make with the clients through mobile or internet devices. Capturing leads translates to profit or loss for your organization. When we track this information, we know where we are lacking. We can then improve upon this through various internet and digital marketing efforts.

Lead Building and Content Creation

We Work On

Lead building & Content Creation

The main part of this entire process is making your inbound links reach your home page, as well as the sub-pages of your website. Quality inbound links are very important to help you improve your search engine rankings. Our link building strategy includes:

  • We create and distribute premium quality content on behalf of your business

  • We comment and provide our feedback on industry-specific blogs

  • We work on competitive link acquisition

Link building is very important if a business wishes to improve its search engine ranking. Our team works on link building for each of our clients through local directory listings. We add your Website to different directories, which improve your exposure.

Refresh Healthcare

We Build

Your Website

You need to have the perfect website if you wish to rank higher in the search engine rankings. If your current website doesn’t have all the necessary pages that must be there for it to be a good website, we will create them for you. We optimize each page of your website with relevant keywords. We also work on optimizing your content for the geographical location you are serving. All of this leads to better search engine ranks and more sales.

High Quality Content

We Publish Relevant &

High - Quality Content

One of the main ways to keep you up in the search engine rankings is by creating consistent and regular high-quality content for your website. We understand that you don’t have the time to work on a new blog every other day or week. The content development team at Refresh Ideas constantly works on developing new and informative pieces of content for your website. It helps in building your position as a credible and authoritative source of information. Customers will keep coming back to your website when they are looking for information and may even consider contacting you for any services that they need.

Social Media Marketing

We Work On Your

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is very important today to capture the right audience. At Refresh Ideas, we not only create but also build and maintain your social media profiles. Social media is a great source of marketing, especially when it comes to word-of-mouth kind of promotion. When someone likes their experience at your business, they are going to talk about it, and it can help you bring more people to your service. They may even recommend you to their friends and family, and the number of customers will continue to grow steadily.

Email Marketing

We Work On Your

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build your leads and get more customers to come to your Business. We have a team of experts who have worked on various email marketing campaigns for many companies in India. We will devise a specific email marketing strategy, which will improve our lead generation efforts, which translate to more sales.


We Manage Your

PPC Programs

Pay per click is another effective form of marketing that isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Your internet and digital marketing campaigns will not be complete unless you have a perfect PPC program in place. We not only initiate but also manage your PPC programs. This leads to a better return on investments and more customers preferring you.

As with all other industries, the business sector’s efforts to acquire new clients have also gone digital. For the most part, this shift has been really beneficial for businesses. Digital channels offer better measurement and targeting options than any other form of traditional marketing approach, which makes it cost-efficient and highly effective. Internet marketing for businesses in India is also considered serious by the management because of the many benefits it offers. Many businesses are working on the internet and digital marketing campaigns to get the best out of it.

Refresh Ideas is one of the best companies offering digital marketing for Ecommerce & Regular Websites in India. We have worked on internet marketing for Ecommerce & Regular Websites and have helped many organizations improve their online persona and get the desired results.

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Top eCommerce Web Design Companies in 2022
Top eCommerce Web Design Companies in 2022 Top eCommerce Web Design Companies in 2022

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