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Sculpting a Strategic Digital Presence for Tantiv4 Inc.

Sculpting a Strategic Digital Presence for Tantiv4 Inc.

Sculpting a Strategic Digital Presence for Tantiv4 Inc.

We live in the digital world today where the first impression of any business is their website. Since everything has gone online, a business needs to have a website that enables its audience to know what they do, while at the same time encourage them contact the business for further queries. The business website speaks volume about the quality of service the business offers, and hence every business needs to invest time and money in making their business website nothing less than extraordinary.

The Case of Tantiv4

Tantiv4 is a startup IoT company based in California. The team is exceptionally talented and providing state-of-the-art services in the IoT space. However, their go-to market message was a complex thread of tech jargons that was difficult to understand by someone who didn’t have a sound knowledge of how things work in the IoT space. This has been a big road block for their marketing and sales. We were approached by the team of Tantiv4 to revamp their digital presence and we started right away.

Tantiv4 Website Screens

The Basics

When it comes to designing a marketing website for a business, one needs to understand their products and services deeply. Our team worked closely with the Tantiv4 experts to understand the complex high-end technology products and services that they were developing and offering to their clients. With a number of sessions with the co-founders Lokesh Johri and Kishore Moturi, we were able to get a clear understanding of what the company was doing and offering. The marketing message they wanted to convey to their audience became clearer with each weekly session and we were able to begin the process of revamping their website.

Tantiv4 Process - RefreshIdeas

Project Revamp

Keeping in mind the basics of their business, the Refresh Ideas team started working on the revamp of the business website of Tantiv4. The website was shifted to a more strategic layout & content which added real value to the business, attracting more people towards their products and services. The number of client interactions increased after the launch, as the clients validated the business pre and post meetings with the Tantiv4 team. The results of the website revamp were nothing less than spectacular. From a better brand image to increase in sales, Tantiv4 Inc. is only moving up from here. Tantiv4 Inc. is a superstar IoT player in the industry today with a number of active clients all over the world. Their advance AI based Smart Interactive IoT Platform is becoming increasingly popular in the IoT industry worldwide.

Tantiv4 Website Responsive Screen - RefreshIdeas

Talking about our services, here is what the co-founders of Tantiv4, had to say:

Lokesh Johri

“Refresh Ideas is the only Web Development company that I know which truly brings the marketing perspective into the website development. With Tantiv4 they have been an active partner in creating the beautiful website with the right content. There are many companies who can do a website as specified to them but just a handful who try to understand the end customers and help develop a targeted content. I think that is the true ROI in the process of web development.”

Kishore Moturi

“Refresh Ideas took a unique and very cool-looking web design approach to Tantiv4’s technology to properly and adequately bring out the key and salient features of our products. Refresh ideas designed the original website but as the company’s offerings and positioning changed based on industry requirements and customer feedback, Refresh was able to articulate the changes in a meaningful way that makes sense to our site visitors. The process of engagement was very easy, and the staff and team led by Gaurav did a fantastic job in being patient with us and suggesting excellent ideas. I personally like Refresh’s team’s dedication, patience and effort to accommodate all suggestions of Tantiv4’s team members. In the end I feel that Refresh has done a phenomenal job in creating a technically visual vibrant website that is aesthetically pleasing and functionally captures all details from our unique technology solution offerings, branding to capturing our esteemed client quotes.”

The team at Refresh Ideas has been helping businesses revamp their brand identity and online presence through effective and target-oriented websites.

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